Special Activity-- Week of October 16th: ESL Classroom Videos for Teachers and Volunteers

Week of October 16th: ESL Classroom Videos for Teachers and Volunteers with Andrea Echelberger

You won't want to miss this engaging online discussion to take place during the week of October 16th in the English Language Acquisition Community led by guest facilitator Andrea Echelberger.

Teachers and volunteers get great ideas from watching other teachers at work, but finding time for busy teachers to engage in classroom observations can be a challenge. Join your colleagues in the LINCS Community in a virtual classroom observation and reflection discussion held over the week of October 16th, and visit classrooms in Minneapolis and St. Paul MN without the inconvenience of travel or finding a classroom sub!

Each day, a link to a 5-8 minute classroom activity video will be posted along with targeted reflection questions. Watch the video on your own time, then participate in an online discussion of the featured activity. You’ll gain practical classroom activity ideas, observe a variety of classroom management strategies, and have the opportunity to reflect on your own teaching practices. You will also be invited to try out the activities in your own classrooms, and then share your experiences with the group.

Andrea Echelberger's bio:

Andrea Echelberger is the ESL Training Coordinator at the Minnesota Literacy Council where she conducts professional development for teachers and ESL volunteer tutors throughout Minnesota. She also creates training and classroom resources for teachers and volunteer tutors. Before she became a professional trainer, Andrea spent ten years working with refugees and immigrants from around the world in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also served as an English Language Fellow for two years in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and has worked with the English Language Specialist Program on several projects in SE Asia.  Andrea holds a MA in ESL from Hamline University and an ABE Teaching License from the University of Minnesota.