Announcing Vocabulary Acquisition Online Module

Please see the announcement below about an online professional development opportunity.


Vocabulary Acquisition

6-week online module for teachers and tutors of adult immigrants with limited formal schooling/home language literacy offered by EU-Speak from 17 March to 2 May 2021.


Vocabulary is at the heart of language learning and development of reading: a good- sized lexicon is instrumental in moving beyond sounding out words to comprehending text. The designer of this six week module, Andreas Rohde, along with his team (Kim Schick, Seyma Polat, and Ahlam Tibi, University of Cologne) and Spanish language assistant Marcin Sosinski (University of Granada) take a theoretical approach to the large body of research on how nouns, verbs, and adjectives are learned through explicit strategies for literate, educated second language learners and through implicit processes for young children and adults with limited education and literacy. This also includes what it means to know a word receptively vs. productively and how the learner’s native language influences vocabulary learning in a new language. The module also takes a practical approach, guiding participants in applying research-based ideas to their own teaching/tutoring to consider learners’ vocabulary needs and interests; lesson plans; selection of materials, including authentic, multimodal, and digital tools; and tracking of learners’ progress. Participants will have the chance to conduct action research on the implicit learning of new words.

A £30 fee provides an enrolment key to gain access to the module; see > How to Register and Enroll. This fee covers all administrative and technical support, which enables the volunteer-run EU-Speak Board to offer modules. There is no charge for an optional personalized Certificate of Completion which acknowledges 30hrs CPD on this module.

The module is hosted on a Moodle platform offered in English, Finnish, German, Spanish and Turkish.

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