Any Updated Core Curriculum Text and Digital Instructional Materials Since Pandemic?

Every year or so, I try to put together a list of as many text and digital instructional materials that I can find to serve as a resource for adult ESOL programs in our state. I try to balance the list with materials that are free and open-resource as well as for-purchase. Recently a local program asked me if I knew whether there were any core curriculum publishers who had put out a new edition of text + digital materials for program-wide use that would reflect the changes in the delivery of instruction that have occurred since the pandemic. As I thought about the question from the local program, I began to realize that this year my list will be different. Looking at the list of two years ago, I wondered how many of them had updated their materials to fit the new way of delivering instruction. Does anyone know of any publishers (open-resource or for-purchase) that have already addressed this in their most recent textbook and digital editions? Does anyone else assemble a list of instructional materials used by programs from time to time?