creating easy sequencing activities online

Hello colleagues, I've been working on various ways to adapt activities that I typically use in my in-person class for a remote classroom. One activity I like to integrate into instruction is sequencing. After reading or listening to a text, students collaborate to sequence the sentences in the text in the correct order. I also sometimes have them sequence the words in a sentence.

The Flippity Manipulatives template on the site enables teachers to quickly and easily create sequencing activities.

Here is an example of a dialogue sequencing activity that I created from a dialogue about finding an apartment drawn from Burlington's Core Basic text. The task is to put the dialogue in order. Joan's words are white, and Peter's words are blue.

And here's an example of a sentence sequencing activity, using the same text, in which students put the words in order to make sentences. The words in one sentence are white and in the other sentence are blue.

One of the features of Flippity that I really like is that the teacher only needs to share the link to the task. Students do not need to register or even sign in. It's also possible to have students collaborate on the sequencing tasks. I've been able to have students successfully collaborate on tasks such as this in their Zoom breakout rooms with one student sharing his or her screen.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these activities or how to create them. I'd love to hear members' comments on these activities. I'd love even more to hear what's been working for you in your remote classroom!

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP