English for Advancement program findings: large earnings gains

Hello colleagues, Some members may be interested in checking out a recent discussion in the Program Management CoP highlighting recent research showing how JVS Boston's English for Advancement program showed that learners who had participated had greater earnings than a control group who had not participated.

From David Rosen's introduction:

"In Stepping Up, researchers Anne Roder and Mark Elliott, from the Economic Mobility Corporation* document that JVS Boston’s English for Advancement (EfA) program generated large earnings gains for participants during the two years after they enrolled.

*The Economic Mobility Corporation (Mobility) describes itself this way It  "identifies, develops, and evaluates programs and policies that enable disadvantaged individuals to acquire the education, skills, and networks needed to succeed in the labor market so that they can support themselves and their families."

You can read more here.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP