Happy Health Literacy Month!

Hi Everyone,

Did you know that October is Health Literacy Month? There is even a Health Literacy Month Website!

This year's theme is Health Literacy Heroes. Do you know someone in adult education who has done something related to health that deserves recognition? Please let us know! 

You can address Health literacy in many ways in ABE, ESOL and GED classes. It's relevant to learner's immediate needs, and can be a motivating factor in language and literacy skill development.

I 'd like to take this chance to invite you all to check out the Health Literacy Group. Try browsing through our 4-Part discussion series from last year: 

Introduction to Health Literacy in ABE and ESOL

It has been updated throughout the year to serve as an ongoing source of information, and can give you a sense of why this is relevant to all of us in adult education. If you have any questions or comments about how health literacy intersects with your topic area, please post in the group!

Thanks for listening!