How can the DIE inquiry strategy be used to address cultural assumptions and dilemma's in adult classrooms?

By using the DIE model in the classroom, will assist instructors in avoiding jumping to conclusions about their students or their students way of life.  The DIE model helps instructors to develop skills to be supportive and curious about differences without using judgment.  The instructor can model correct behavior  in front of all the students as cultural differences are explored.


Hello Felicia, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the free ELLU online course on the Role of Culture in Teaching Adult ESL. The course engages participants in thinking about the D.I.E. model for exploring cultural assumptions, i.e., Description, Interpretation, and Evaluation, which you indicated was helpful to you. The D.I.E. model attempts to assist all of us to develop skills that support being curious about differences, reflecting on differences, and accepting of differences. I'm glad you found the course to be helpful.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition COP