Instructional materials on racism

Hello colleagues, Due to recent events, I know many of us are thinking about issues related to racism and ways to bring the topic into our classrooms. The Change Agent is a wonderful resources that features some free instructional resources that are suitable for learners at various levels.

Here's a recent announcment from The Change Agent:

"As we consider how to bring up race and current events in the classroom, here's what one student wrote in our "Talking about Race" issue of The Change Agent:  

'In America, talking about race can be risky, but we should do it anyway so that we can all learn to fight racism.' 

The Change Agent has a breadth and depth of materials that will allow you to raise this important topic in various ways. You can find a lot of them here in this multi-level FREE lesson packet, "Facing Racism," including a piece that explores the role of race in voter suppression (available in intermediate and advanced levels). Also available for FREE is our lesson packet on Juneteenth (celebrating when enslaved people were finally freed in Texas), available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. And our current issue, Stand Up and Be Counted explores all the large and small ways people can advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities." 

Members, please let us know of additional resources you have found valuble on this critically important topic.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

English Language Acquisition CoP