Lesson plans and resources on the importance of vaccinations

I support ESL programming for Tyson Food's national network of ESL classes across the US.  We have large portions of immigrant and refugee workers who may be reticent about getting the COVID 19 vaccinations. We'd love to work this topic into our ESL lessons. Please share your ideas and resources. 


Hello Anson, and others, who want COVID-19 vaccine information for immigrants and refugees,

This is an important request, Anson, and the need is urgent, so I have reached out to several colleagues to see what information is available; I have good news. I understand that within a few days, colleagues in our field will have readied a webpage with links to a short, animated video in English and many other languages. The video provides simple, straightforward information for immigrants and refugees on the COVID-19 vaccine, and each language version of it is designed to be as culturally relevant as possible. I have seen a couple of versions of the video, one in English and one in Spanish, and I think they will be very useful. One of the colleagues or I will post information here as soon as the video page is ready. Stay tuned to LINCS English Language Acquisition group posts for more information about when you can access the video, and in which languages. 

I also hope others who may know of print, audio or video information on the Covid-19 vaccine designed for, or useful to, immigrants and refugees should let us know about it.

David J. Rosen

ESL/ESOL and other teaching Colleagues,

Thanks to Silja Kallenbach at World Education for a potentially useful resource for adult basic skills educators. TERC (in Cambridge, Massachusetts) has developed for SABES, (the System for Adult Basic Education Services, the Professional Development system in Massachusetts) Vaccines Lesson Materials at the Pre-ASE level covering the history of vaccines, science behind how they work, and risk calculation (probability, fractions, percents). Each lesson includes a lesson plan, PowerPoint slides, and a student packet. sabes.org/node/30536  

David J. Rosen