Live Event: Jan. 24 @ 3:00 ET Trauma-Informed Care and Social Emotional Learning

Hello colleagues, Trauma-Informed Care and Social Emotional Learning are hot topics these days, and research has shown that these approaches can have a positive impact on persistence and language development for adult English learners.

The upcoming live event, facilitated by experts Hali Massey and Kate Rolancer from the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center, will take place January 24 at 3:00 pm ET. Our guests will offer ideas for integrating research-based practices into adult ESOL and share a recently developed toolkit for practitioners.

You are invited to pose questions here in our community and share your experiences here in our community.

Our Guests' Bios:

Hali Massey is the ESOL Specialist at the Virginia Adult Learning Resource center. She has an MA TESOL and 9 years of experience in teaching English to adult learners. Her main job responsibilities include providing professional development and support to adult educators across Virginia. Hali also is well-versed in delivering virtual professional development. 

Kate Rolander is the Workforce Specialist and Manager of the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center. She has an MA TESOL and a PhD in Education with a focus on instructional design for adult English learners. She designs instructional programs and professional development for integrated education and training programs across Virginia, including English language instruction and inclusive practices for individuals with disabilities.


There will be a follow-up discussion with Kate and Hali on January 25 right here in our group.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller
Moderator, English Language Acquisition Group