Option for Screen Sharing on Zoom

Hello collegues, Darin Nakakihara shares some useful technology tips on YouTube. In this video, he demonstrates how to share just a portion of your screen to help learners see more clearly what you are focusing on during instruction. As Nakakihara explains, being able to share just part of your screen is especially helpful when students' devices have small screens such as when using phones or Chromebooks.

What do you think?

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP


Thank you for sharing this video! I didn't know about this feature. I often enlarge or magnify portions of something I am sharing in class, but after watching this video I can see how much more you can do with screensharing a portion at a time. I will have to practice this and try it out!



Jennifer Kluempen

ESL Instructor

Hi Susan, 

I've tried this out and it is fantastic! It's easy to learn how to do it after watching Darin Nakakihara's tutorial. He has other interesting tutorials to check out as well. It really took less than 10 minutes to learn how to do this. 

We're using Northstar's Digital Literacy program right now and it helps so much to be able to share portions of my screen. Last night I wanted to show my students a close up of my taskbar and with this new technique you can share just the taskbar and students can see it much better than they would if I was only sharing my screen normally. I also used this when sharing a vocabulary lesson from Learning Chocolate, which has tons of very distracting advertisements surrounding the lesson. With this technique I can block all of that out and students see only what we're working on. 

I tried this out by opening a zoom meeting on my laptop, joining the meeting as a student(using a different email address to join) with my phone. Now I could really see what it looks like to a student using a phone. This is eye-opening! Students with phones see a lot less than you realize. Being able to block out adverts and focus in on what you want them to see is so helpful. 

Thanks again Susan,

Jennifer Kluempen


It's great to hear this feedback, friends! I'm so happy to have found Nakakihara's video. This easy to implement technique is an incredibly helpful way for teachers to support the many learners who join a synchronous class on their phones.

Take care, Susan