Post COVID -- Upskilling strategies including English language instruction

Hello colleagues, There is optimism in the air as the U.S. comes out of a pandemic that has had an enormous impact on so many individual's lives and livelihoods. Many people are now thinking about how to support the countless individuals who have been negatively affected by COVID. One hopeful step is to provide training and support, so those in need can obtain jobs that can sustain families. 

Check out this article by Peter Hidalgo and Marianne Haver Hill in which they argue that job training programs, accompanied by the availability of English language instruction as well as childcare, are needed now more than ever.  This article is targeted to community colleges in the Los Angeles area, but the message is applicable across the country.

You are invited to share your thoughts about the needs in your community!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP

About the authors: "Peter Hidalgo is the Los Angeles County Business Federation’s 2021 Secretary and currently sits as a Mt. San Antonio College Board Trustee, Area 1. Marianne Haver Hill is the Los Angeles County Business Federation’s 2021 Anti-Poverty and Economic Mobility Co-Chair and Board member of the Valley Economic Alliance."