Preparing English language learners for the new U.S. Citizenship test

Hello ELA teaching colleagues,

As you may be aware, starting December 1st. there is a new U.S. Citizenship test for immigrants. This article, "It just got harder for immigrants: The US naturalization test is about to change," from in Greater Milwaukee summarizes those changes. I have three questions that you may be able to answer:

1. Is this a correct summary of the changes, that is, are there any errors in interpretation of the changes or important changes in the test that were not included?

2. Do these changes make the test more difficult for your students? If so, is this a significant problem for them or not? You probably wouldn't be able to answer this until a few students you have prepared for the test take it.

3. Perhaps once you can answer question 2, do you think you need to make any changes in how you prepare your students for the test?

David J. Rosen