12 Days of QR Codes! Join us December 1-12!

Starting on December 1, 2021 (9 am ET) and ending December 12, 2021 (4 pm ET), Chrissie Klinger (Career Pathways Group Moderator), Ashly Winkle (Integrating Technology Group Moderator), and Nell Eckersley (Director of the New York City Support and Technical Assistance Center-STAC) will be facilitating an asynchronous discussion around QR Codes. 

QR codes are being seen all over communities, workplaces, and even on food packages. This purpose of this discussion is to help adult education professionals have a better understanding of QR codes, learn how to use QR codes to enhance lessons, and identify how to prepare adult basic education learners to interact with QR codes in their community and workplaces.

Our special guest, Nell Eckersley is the Director of the (STAC) for state funded adult education programs and the Instructional Technology Specialist at the Literacy Assistance Center. She is also an Ed Tech Adviser for the Ed Tech Center at World Ed and has worked nationally as the Technology and Learning moderator and trainer for LINCS and as a Google Applied Digital Skills trainer for COABE. Her particular areas of interest are strengthening digital literacy skills for adult education practitioners and students, integrating technology into the adult education classroom via mobile devices, and digital inclusion for all.

In preparation for this event, please put any questions you might have about QR Codes in this discussion thread so they can be addressed during the 12 Days of QR Codes discussion. 

Join us here: https://community.lincs.ed.gov/group/27/discussion/12-days-qr-codes-asynchronous-discussion-12121-121221