Build an Open Digital Skills Library! (New EdTech Maker Space Project , a CrowdED Learning Initiative)

As part of the CrowdED Learning Initiative, the EdTech Center@World Education is launching an EdTech Maker Space project in which participants will work collaboratively with adult educators across the country to build an open Digital Skills Library!

All of the resources you need to learn more about this opportunity—including the intro webinar, a signup form, and the resources that will be used—can be found in this Wakelet collection

If you are interested in participating, please complete the signup form by Friday, May 7.  


This service-learning based professional development opportunity includes two, three-hour synchronous group sessions (dates in May, one in June, based on respondent preferences) where educators work within domain-specific groups as defined by the Seattle Digital Equity Initiative's Digital Skills Framework. In these groups, you will: 

  • develop consensus around the meanings of each standard and the relevant technologies for teachers and learners, 
  • craft "I can..." statements to relevance to both learners (skill in life, in work, in school) and instructors, and 
  • curate content from resources such as GCFLearnFree,, and Google Applied Digital skills that align to the standards. 

As part of this process, you will learn: 

  • how to differentiate between free vs. "open" content and the use/re-use ramifications of each, 
  • how to evaluate and tag resources around accessibility considerations, 
  • edtech and digital skill integration strategies as they become experts in digital skill sets and corresponding, high-quality resources, and 
  • how to write content for learners in plain language

The EdTech Maker Space is a great opportunity to learn new skills while being part of a group that generates meaningful content for others to reuse and build upon, such as the Marshall Leveled Reading Program, which was built by 44 educators in just 10 weeks. I hope you will consider joining this engaging, collaborative PD opportunity!!