Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition (CCLC) is thrilled to announce its adoption of the Illinois Digital Learning Lab (IDLL or the “Lab”)

Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition (CCLC) is thrilled to announce its adoption of the Illinois Digital Learning Lab (IDLL or the “Lab”). Launched by the New Ventures Fund in 2017, the Lab is a community of adult educators focused on integrating new technology into their classrooms. In the Lab, educators explore a variety of topics and software/hardware including: personalized learning, digital literacy, blended learning, Chromebooks, and Google Suite.
CCLC is undertaking this effort with generous support from the Grand Victoria Foundation.
The Coalition already serves as an advocate that supports adult learners, adult educators, and programs to pursue innovative changes that improve the field. We (GVF) are excited for them to extend this support to educators outside Chicago through IDLL. With CCLC’s leadership, we (GVF) believes the IDLL will transform the adult education landscape in Illinois.
Neeta Boddapati, Program Officer, Grand Victoria Foundation
The Lab will be managed by Michael Matos. Michael has more than twenty years of experience in adult education. He has trained and coached dozens of adult educators in implementing and expanding their use of technology in adult education classrooms. 
Technology integration is about communicating ideas efficiently, sharing knowledge and information, making learning more engaging, building learning communities and creating a culture of empowerment. Teachers continue to remain the most important tool because they are the motivators. 
Michael Matos, Technology Project Manager, Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition
The Lab’s three core elements are:
1. Support for adult educators and their programs on how to effectively incorporate learning technology into the classroom, with subject-matter experts (SME’s) and curated resources.
2. A facilitated learning community for educators and administrators to support, advise, and learn from each other and from the resources they find valuable.
3. Capturing insights about the most effective digital tools, delivery models, support strategies, which can then be shared across the state of Illinois.
We are seeking 25 adult educators from across Illinois to participate in the Lab. If you are innovative, experimental, and want to adopt cutting-edge technology for your classroom - join our movement! 
Project Timeline (May 2019 - June 2020):
  • Participant and SME applications released - May 20
  • Deadline to apply - July 1
  • Participants announced - July 22
  • Lab Launch - August 16
  • Regional Mid-point Check-ins - throughout January
  • Culminating meeting - June 19
Benefits to Lab participants:
  • $3000 in technology and resources for their program
  • Coaching from our SME
  • experimentation with technology integration
  • peer learning experiences 
  • travel reimbursement to 3 in-person meetings.
Lab participant requirements:
  • Attendance at three mandatory in-person workshops
  • Up to 10 hours a month time commitment including a monthly check-in and survey completion
  • Willingness to share lessons learned at your program and/or organization                                                                                                                                                                                       

Instructor application

Subject Matter Expert application

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