⚡ November 18 | Edtech Strategy Session ⚡

On November 18 @ 1 PM Eastern, get inspired and learn more about accomodating new learners in Remote Onboarding and strategies for using technology to support Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs)Register for the November EdTech Strategy Session!

Lightning Talks: 

1️⃣ Jillian Gierke, Director of Programs at the Garces Foundation, uses WhatsApp, Zoom, and EnGen along with key supports like images and student leaders, to get learners ready to engage in online learning. Hear about how Garces leverages these resources and what they've learned along the way! 

2️⃣ Lisa M.Carlo, a Career Pathways Instructor and Trainer at Austin Community College, will share how she uses technology to boost key contributing factors for ITPs to experience success in the U.S, drawing from Steps to Success: Integrating Immigrant Professionals in the United States (Bergson-Shilcock & Witte, 2015). 

This session is sponsored by EnGen and both speakers will share about how EnGen has played a role in supporting these innovative strategies. 

Join us this Friday for ideas and inspiration!