Weekly Lesson Preview Activity

<p>Technology Integration Action Plan</p>

<p>Part 1 – Applying the POST Method</p>

<p>Name of Unit/Lesson: _____________Weekly Lesson Preview Activity_______________</p>


<p>Who are my students and what are their learning goals? What are their existing technology skills, areas of challenge, and level of access to technology devices?</p>

<p>The ABE students in this class have a variety of skills.&nbsp; Most of them are there to achieve their equivalency diploma.</p>

<p>There is a broad range of technical skills in the ABE classroom as well.&nbsp; Some are proficient at using technology while others are not.&nbsp;</p>


<p>What are the learning objectives for the unit/lesson? When possible, objectives should describe observable behavior. What will the learners be able to do at the end of the unit/lesson?</p>

<p>Objective 1:&nbsp; Each student will have the opportunity to increase learning though previewing the materials that will be covered in the upcoming week.</p>

<p>Objective 2:&nbsp; Increase ownership and responsibility in the learning process in preparation for the possibility for secondary training</p>

<p>Objective 3:&nbsp; Demonstrate understanding by writing several questions as a result of this preview if requested</p>

<p>Objective 4:&nbsp; Journal a summary of learning at the end of the week.</p>


<p>Considering your students’ goals, their existing technology skills, and areas of challenge, what strategies will you apply to achieve the learning objectives of the unit/lesson?</p>

<p>-Students will practice reading for a purpose</p>

<p>-Practice putting questions into words</p>

<p>-Practice understanding summarizing and paraphrasing</p>


<p>What technology tools best support your objectives and match your students’ skills? What do you have the capacity to implement?</p>

<p>The technology tool used for this will be g-mail to receive lesson preview</p>

<p>-keyboarding practice</p>

<p>-Sending questions and summaries by g-mail</p>

<p><strong>Where Am I Now?</strong></p>

<p>Consider the technology tools listed in the Technology section in Part 1 of the Technology Integration Action Plan. How comfortable are you with integrating these tools in the classroom?</p>

<p>I am very comfortable using some of these technology tools; however, I am still working on some of the skills.</p>

<p><strong>Where Do I Want To Be?</strong></p>

<p>Choose a technology tool you would like to explore further in your professional development. Where do you want to be in your comfort level with using that tool in your classroom? How do you plan on learning more about that tool and how to use the tool to improve instruction and deepen student learning?</p>

<p>The technology tool that I want to learn more about is g-mail and its many possibilities.&nbsp; I want to become very comfortable using this, so I will able to feel creative with it.&nbsp; I would like to be able to use them as part of our daily journal writing.</p>

<p>I plan to seek out others who know and use this tool and find out the options.&nbsp; I may also use youTube for more information.</p>

<p><strong>Timeline for Professional Development and Implementation</strong></p>

<p>What are your milestones for learning about the technology tool and integrating the tool in the unit/lesson? If your students are unfamiliar with the tool, what is your plan for teaching them about the tool?</p>

<p>I must learn to use g-mail and its many aspects fully.</p>

<p>-My first milestone is to make sure that each student has a g-mail account.</p>

<p>-Continue to help students develop keyboarding skills</p>

<p>-Help each learn to use a g-mail account as needed</p>


<p>How will you measure if the technology tool is improving instruction or deepening student learning?</p>

<p>I will assess the benefits of using by observing and listening to the comments of my students.&nbsp; I will also be aware of any improvement or NOT in the areas that we have been using the g-mail account in specifically.</p>

<p><strong>What are the results? After teaching the unit/lesson, what results did you observe?</strong></p>

<p>I did observe a great sense of pride as students who did not have a g-mail account set one up and learned to navigate through it.&nbsp; The students were very excited about receiving pre-lessons from me to help facilitate faster learning.&nbsp; It also helped students come to class with a higher sense of expectations for the week.</p>

<p><strong>What would you improve upon/ change? Are there any strategies or technology tools you would change for next time?</strong></p>

<p>I would allow more time in the future to help prepare those students with poor computer skills develop them more.</p>