An "Audio/video" for beginning adults learning ESL

Below is an "audio/video" which  I post on YouTube and then download to Facebook or WhatsApp. This particular lesson is for students who have learned or studied my level 1 lessons on the alphabet, numbers etc. Reading out loud - even a little bit - is an important part of my classes. So I provide this audio/video for beginners to practice with me. It is also a text which I hand out to everyone in a "live" class, or online at my other website on Google.



This is great, Paul. Have you ever considered uploading one of your videos to Edpuzzle to make it an interactive video lesson? I think it would be perfect for ESL! 

Hi, Ashley, it sounds interesting but I have to provide the password to my email account and I would prefer not to. But if you feel it is a useful lesson please share it.