August Summary of Activities in Integrating Technology Group

Hello Integrating Technology members,

We have 1841 members as of 9.1.20.

There were four substantive discussions in August:

The Preparing for and offering adult basic skills online during the pandemic discussion that I launched in March, continued in August. It now has 141 replies.

The August 5th Discussion with Sierra Stoneman-Bell on her study of NYC programs' transition to remote teaching has seventeen replies. This turned out to be an engaging discussion between Sierra and me, which is still available for you to look at now.

Barbara Baker began the discussion on July 15th, Is a blended classroom beneficial, yes or no? What do you think? which continued into August with four new replies. Please add your comments in September.

I introduced a new discussion on August 26th  How to Integrate Technology in a 100% online class that so far has six replies and I hope will continue into September and perhaps beyond.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group