Is a blended classroom beneficial, yes or no? What do you think?

Hello Everyone, I would like to implement EdReady (and some other applied digital skills programs) in my Writing class for the high school equivalency program. I was wondering if you have any sources you can point me toward that talk about the benefit of a blended classroom and/or any research on EdReady being used in the classroom. I have quite a bit on EdReady, but mostly it is how to use the program and I would like some actual research that shows why it works. Any thoughts?


Hello Barbara,

Thanks for your question. I wonder if anyone else in the Integrating Technology group has been using EdReady (a program of the NROC Project) and if so, I wonder how you are using it. If you have suggestions for Barbara about its benefit in a blended learning context, please post them here for her, and all of us.

Barbara and others, a discussion today (July 15, 2020) is taking place in the LINCS Reading and Writing group on collaborative writing in which I posted a question about research on its effectiveness in an online and blended learning environment. That may be of interest.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group

In the meantime, I would think that a hybrid course may be the way to go??? (not 100% confident of that statement.)

This term in the summer, we have pivoted to online Citizenship classes -- which really have been great, but I'm missing the JOURNALING component.  At the Literacy Texas conference last week, they suggested a blog (ie Blogger) so that the students can add in their thoughts (or via Google Docs(?) ).  I'm not certain how that would work.  

Anyone have any ideas????


Kathryn Davis