Community Based Learning

There are millions of people in the US who would like to attend ESL and other classes but are not able for a variety of reasons. To accomodate them informal classes need to be set up in churches, community centers, libraries and places of work, all working together.

Attendance in these classes would not be mandatory nor would it be necessary to test or assess their progress on a regular basis in order to maintain funding. Actually there are foundations that would offer grants to programs like this as a community service. 

Students could study one hour per week. Teachers could make home visits. The whole family could become involved in learning English, etc. Grandchildren could help their grandparents - and vice versa.

In this way each student could progress at his or her own speed - through a Blended Learning approach via WhatsApp, for example.

I call this the Conveyor Belt approach. And I see no other way to serve the needs of the community we serve.

Remember the saying - It takes a village to raise a child...? The same can be said for the community of adult learners.