Digital Badges Discussion: Quick review and deep thanks to Steve Reder and David Wiley

Hi all,

I am putting together an overview of the discussion we just had on digital badges, but it is taking longer than I intended, so I wanted to take this time to deeply thank to Steve Reder and David Wiley for all their work on this discussion and thank you to all the group members who have participated and shared the discussion with others.  I see that people are still responding to some of the posts from the discussion, which is one of the improvements that the LINCS community platform affords us--the discussion threads remain available to read and add to for a much longer period of time than the email listserv allowed.

The discussion consisted of responses to four questions--each of which is now its own discussion thread.  You can reach each of the discussion threads from the links below.

Welcome to Digital Badges Discussion. Q1 How are badges different from credentialing methods used in the past?

Digital Badges Discussion Q2: What are the roles for quality & content standards (in awarding badges)? Of accreditation? Development processes?

Digital Badges Discussion Q3: Where do badges derive their value, what is their value, and how might it evolve?

Digital Badges Discussion Q4: What adult education issues may arise for public sector (local, state, federal) involvement in badges? For private sector involvement?

I also want to take this opportunity to ask you to think about discussion topics you would like to see covered in this group.  We are planning guest discussions for the coming year and you can help steer that boat by letting me know what topics you would like to have guests lead us through.  You can either share your thoughts in the group or send me a direct email at

Thanks again to everyone and happy holidays,



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In Providence, R.I., the school system values learning that happens both inside and outside the classroom. The 23,500-student district is in the third year of a collaborative project with the nonprofit Providence After School Alliance that enables students to earn digital badges and even course credit for experiences that take place beyond the schoolhouse doors. 

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