Digital education in the Dominican Republic

A WhatsApp student in rhe Domincan Republic is working on a community based approach using digital learning 

Here is what she sent me.


The project consists of the design and execution of processes of articulation of the social fabric of the Santiago (North), Puerto Plata and Dajabón provinces to achieve the development of strategies aimed at the Digitalization of Education, integrating the participation of the living forces of the territory in spaces of consensus. It is expected that these spaces will evolve towards strategic alliances between different key actors for the achievement of the objectives of the Education Sector in this matter.

The project recognizes the challenges in terms of the digital divide and the existing deficiencies in the supply to guarantee connectivity and the use of ICT in teaching-learning processes by the educational community in the country. In this sense, it has been contemplated to support the actions that the Ministry of Education is implementing within the framework of initiatives to manage alliances with the various sectors linked to the digitalization of education processes, focused on the technical and social factors that prevent or reduce the distance education process.

To support these efforts and achieve an efficient participation of the actors involved in the territory, a specific intervention has been designed adapted to the characteristics of the Education Sector.

This initiative is sponsored by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and is executed within the framework of Project No. 00130447 “Support for the Digitization of Education in the Dominican Republic through efficiency in logistics management to ensure the management and adequate distribution of the necessary equipment for the promotion of Information and Communication Technologies ”, managed by the Dominican Association of University Rectors (ADRU) to support the development of the educational digitization process undertaken by the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (MINERD).