Digital Tools to Support Career Pathways

Chrissie Klinger, the Career Pathways LINCS Moderator, and I will be exploring tools to use for career pathways exploration on Wednesday. Some  of the tools I have used in the past include Wakelet, HyperDocs, and Go Formative.

What are some tools that you use to help improve your students digital literacy as they explore careers? 

If you are interested in joining us for a live discussion on this topic, join us on May 19th at 4 PM EST for a LIVE Coffee Talk: Digital Tools that Support Career Pathways Exploration. Register here.


I'm not sure that this is a tool as much as it is a resource, but the video library at CareerOneStop is amazing. There are thousands of short, informative videos on just about any career one can think of, with each including education and soft skills requirements for the position, plus information about the work environment. I'm also a big fan of their interest assessments.

YES!!!! What I love about their videos is that they are closed captioned, short, and show a lot of different people doing that occupation. The link to their video collection can easily be put into an LMS, sent via text, or added to a Wakelet board.