Distance Learning for All!!!

Happy New Year Everybody!

In my opinion, it is now possible to offer English and other classes to just about everybody with distance or online learning. We just need to take into account what is called "Latent Learning".  

Latent learning is the term used to describe learning that takes place through observation and exposure. For example, learning how to drive a car begins with latent learning, or "passive learning".

When many adult immigrants begin to learn English, they do so passively, outside of a classroom. What is needed is a method to engage these students not only to help them learn English in their day-to-day lives but also to create a practical method for them to enroll in classes that can accomodate their living and working situations. That method is online, distance learning.

As we know, adult education classes now offered accommodate less than 20% of the eligible population. With online learning, using websites, YouTube videos, etc. it is now possible to assist any adult to learn English.



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