Entirely online U.S. Citizenship classes, and English Now! Learning Circles

Hello Integrating Technology colleagues,

This article describes a New York City English language program, CPC Adult Literacy Program, that on July 20th, began its first fully remote/online U.S. Citizenship classes. "The classes are funded through the Office of New Americans. Twenty students enrolled with the ultimate goal of passing the citizenship test and becoming a U.S. Citizen. Alongside learning basic American civics and history, students will also gain real-world skills such as techniques for interviewing, conversation practice, and now, practicing digital literacy."

For several years I have been assisting the Ed Tech Center@World Education as they have developed their English Now! learning circle blended learning model for learners who are on waiting lists for English language classes. These learning circles have also been implemented by programs in various states as a supplement for English language learners enrolled in in-person classes and, in at least one case, by a public library for U.S. citizenship preparation. Recently I have been exploring, with my own local public library branch, doing entirely online learning circles, beginning with a work readiness learning circle to be offered this fall. I am wondering if learning circles focused on U.S. Citizenship test preparation might be done virtually. Any thoughts about that?

For more information about in-person learning circles (online course or curriculum plus weekly in-person learning circle meetings, typically for 6 to  ten weeks) check out these articles:


https://edtech.worlded.org/8-tips-for-implementing-learning-circles-in-any-program/  and


David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology Group