Favorite Reading Edtech Resources

There are so many awesome resources out there, but I feel like I keep coming across more. What are your favorite reading EdTech tools to use in and out of class? I have always been a fan of Readworks, Commonlit, and Newsela, but has anyone found others? Just today I came across one called Seneca Learning that might be worth exploring as well. Please share your favorites and let us know why you like them!


Perusall is free and was developed at Harvard by a team including Eric Mazur, an early innovator with flipped instruction. It is a reading tool with built in social annotation. Students all read the same copy of the text and can highlight and comment, ask questions, answer teacher prompts, upvote posts, etc. if you use a textbook with it, then the students must purchase the e-version from inside the application. Http://Perusall.com


This looks like a great tool for doing online reading annotations. I've been looking for tools to help my students with active reading while we're still all online. Have you ever tried edji.it? It is another online reading annotation tool. I've just started playing around with it, but it also seems to have some useful features (although some are behind the paywall).

This is awesome, Helaine! I had no idea something like this existed. What an amazing contribution! Thank you.

Hello Ashly, Helaine, and All,

Yes. Great technology tool! Every college and university must avail it.
I used it with my Introduction to American Culture and History students at Fordham University. Very useful for annotations. As Helaine has mentioned, students all read the same copy of the text and can "highlight and comment, ask questions, answer teacher prompts...."

Best to all,

Margaret Ibasco
ESL Instructor

Excellent to know, Margaret! I am curious if anyone has used this tool with other types of students as well? It sounds like it's amazing for colleges and universities!

I have used some great reading pieces from iCivics in the past. I also just heard about CK12 from some educators in Pennsylvania that are finding it to be a great resource for adult learners.