Getting Office 2016 for Adult ESL Students


I am teaching an English and Microsoft Office Specialist Certification class. Unfortunately, most of my students do not have Office 2016 on their home computers and they have been asking if I know of any free or subsidized office software so they can practice at home. Because my students are studying for the MOS exams, a previous version or free open Office version is not going to benefit them. Anyone know of a source for getting free or subsidized Office 2016?





It's not quite free, but the monthly subscription for Office 365 Personal is $6.99/month with the first month free. A certification class shouldn't last too many months, so they could cancel it when the class is done and it wouldn't cost too much. Here's the link:

If you create a free Microsoft account you can access the free web versions of several Office apps including Word, Excel, Power Point and more. It's now similar to creating a Google account and being able to use Sheets and Docs. Although the web versions are "lite" and don't have the full features of the paid versions, they are still very functional, especially for new users who need practice. None of our beginner patrons have missed the missing advanced features.

Now, also similar to Google Drive, the Microsoft account gets you cloud storage in the way of OneDrive. 

I tried this out tonight and all my students were able to access the online version of word! Is there a simple hyperlink to get to the One drive or Microsoft Word (when logged in) ? I gave them a link to go by email but it would be great if they could navigate to this without it.