Google Classroom: Recording audio books?

Hello all,

I'm transitioning to Google Classroom and am disappointed that my audio books created and narrated in PowerPoint, do not play in Google Classroom. For emergent readers, especially at a distance, hearing is crucial. Can anyone direct me to a feature of Google Classroom or an app that's compatible with it?   If not, I'll just go back to using WhatsApp. 

Thanks much.

Nan Frydland

ESL Instructor




Hi Nan,

If you have the audio book link, you can create an assignment under "Classwork."
Click + Create > Assignment Add the file ( link, file, YouTube or from your Google Drive).
Refer to the image below.

Google Classroom image

If the Power Point file is downloadable, it can be saved into your Google Drive. Google Classroom is accessible through their mobile phones as well.
Once the audio file has been saved in your Google Drive, one way to listen to it is through  a Google slide. On the slide, click "Insert" > "Audio" > and choose the file from your Google Drive. The  audio icon will appear on the slide document. Students can then roll-over the cursor on the icon and start to listen.
They can click  "Present" on the upper right hand corner of the page for a better presentation of the slide.

Indeed,  for "emergent readers," especially at a distance, hearing is important.


Margaret Ibasco
ESL  Instructor

Hi Margaret,

I'm excited about this possibility, thank you! But I'm confused about making an audio file and how that can sync with the Google Slides. The PowerPoint is about 20 slides and the recording is three minutes. I can see the time for each slide from the PPT.  So how do I make the audio file that will play as the slides are advanced? I truly appreciate your guidance.

Nan Frydland

ESL Instructor

Hi Nan,

I think my previous comment was not saved, so I am writing another response.....Here is a link about Google Classroom and Power Point:

With the other two schools, the students have more access to technology tools and connection. It does not matter what gadget/platform I use, they can crisscross between tools....With my students at the Center, I need to simplify in terms of which technology tools to use, something that they already have or know. What matters is that they can connect and use the tools/platform available to them like Google Classroom. Google is flexible enough to move files from the drive to the Google Classroom (GC).

Google slide and Power Point are great programs and they both have their upsides and downsides. The important thing goes back to what students can easily access and use, whatever works for the class....I am always inspired with what CUNY Central has shared with teachers. For example, one trainer has used Power Point to present an instructional video for a summer book class. She recorded her voice via Zoom and then uploaded the video file to YouTube. Students can easily access the video segment.....Technology certainly leads to more learning possibilities.....Your question has led me to explore more and find out how things can work better. Thanks again, Nan....

Best to all,

Margaret Ibasco
ESL Instructor


Hi Nan,

I'd be interested to know if you get this to work for you. I started using Google Classroom in April, and found that anything that did not originate in Google did not work well. Anything Microsoft, a Word document for example, did not carry over into Google Classroom without formatting problems. It was pretty frustrating because I had a lot of things on Word documents that I had to re-do as a Google Doc, or make a Google Slide. 



Hi Jen,

Here's how to keep your PowerPoint presentations or narrated slide shows intact, even in Google Classroom:

1. Create a link to the document outside of Google Drive. I used Dropbox.

2. Create a Google Doc.

3. Drop the link to the PowerPoint in the Google Doc.

4. Click on Create, call it Material, and add the Google Doc.

Now, when it's opened you will need to click on open, then open PowerPoint on the web, then Open, then in the lower right corner, click on Slide Show and then the arrow to play.

Google Classroom outwitted!



Hi Jennifer,

Yes, I remember you were doing amazing things when we first went into lockdown and I was struggling with WhatsApp. I agree that the incompatibility between Microsoft and Google is so annoying and PPT has superior features to Google Slides. Could the pandemic "incentivize" improvement to GC?