"How To..." Directory

David: I have been away from the discussions for a while, and as I read some of them I realize how far behind the times I am! So I thought to myself: "It's too bad there is no alphabetical directory of How To use or set up such and such." 

Is it possible that somehow all the information contained in the Technology group could be organized and put into a directory like this?

Often my students inform me or explain to me something that I am not familiar with. For example, the first time I used my phone to send messages to a group six years ago, pre-WhasApp, my students suggested that I buy a smart phone to replace my flip-phone! Then they all showed me their really cool smart phones! Recently someone showed me how to use Screenshot, which saves me about 5 steps!

Anyway, I could go on, but I see the need for a directory of information including How To's...which could be made available nationwide.