How is Your Program Providing Quality Online Instruction to Your Adult Ed Students?

In the spring of 2020, most educators were forced into "survival mode" as they transitioned to online instruction. Now that most of us are acclimated to the online environment, educators are faced with the challenge of providing quality instruction in our online environments. I think my biggest take-away to adapting to a remote learning environment was not only learning how to do the same things I was doing in face-to-face classes in online classes, but also using technology for its true purpose: to make things better, more efficient, and just easier. For me, this meant simplifying my technology use and using less tools in my lessons.

  • How  is your program providing quality online instruction to your adult ed students?
  • What are YOUR biggest take-aways to adapting to remote learning?


We've had some folks who don't want to go back ;)   I saw a cartoon of somebody in a class as if they were in a home office with pet on lap, drink beside them, reclining, saying "I think I like the learning at home style better".... 

    One of the biggest challenges is staying connected and being part of life's routines - if you've committed to *going* to a class, you do it, you're there.   It seems harder to structure active engagement online. 


Not wanting to go back is an interesting development! I know a lot of students don't want to either because studying remote is a lot easier on them "to get to class". I think this makes the remote instruction even more important to have as an option. You bring up a good point, however, about active engagement. That is such a challenge online. Have you found any acitivities to be effective for engaging your students online?