HyBrid Pedogogy and an Urgency of Teachers: A Book Discussion

Hello Integrating Technology colleagues,

In the LINCS CoP Professional Development group, moderator Kathy Tracey posted this invitation:

I invite you to join me through the month of June where we discuss Hybrid / Digital Pedogogy. The podcast is a great introduction to digital pedagogy and we will build on that as we dicuss An Urgency of Teachers (The book is an open source). 

This book is a collection of essays about online learning and educational technology, trends, hopes, fears, and possibilities. This is a very timely discusson. Each week, beginng on Monday, June 1, I'll post some prompts (and encourage others to do so as well). 

Enjoy the podcasts and I look forward to our discussions. 

Some members of the Integrating Technology group, especially those who appreciate critical pedagogy perspectives, who want to learn about them, or who want to see why the authors believe they intersect or are compatible with the use of digital tools, may want to join this discussion in the LINCS Professional Development group.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group