Low Tech Assistive Technology: Providing an On-Ramp for Learning! Follow-up Questions

Please feel free to add your questions and comments regarding low tech assistive technology below.

Our presenter is AnneMarie Molinari-Sanders. Mrs. AnneMarie Molinari-Sanders is a Professional Development Specialist for TRAIN PD @TCALL, Texas A&M University. She has been involved with helping students with learning challenges in the context of adult education and literacy (AEL) instruction, curriculum development and professional development training for over twenty years. Nationally, Mrs. Molinari-Sanders serves on the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s Adult Topics Committee as an advocate for adults with learning disabilities. AnneMarie is a certified Digital Accessibility Specialist through the Texas Distance Learning Association. She holds a Master’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in increasing academic outcomes for AEL students with learning disabilities and low literacy skills. AnneMarie is a passionate ambassador for people with disabilities and digital ally for accessibility and inclusion.

How do you plan on using the AT alignment chart with your students?