Mini-Lessons using the Internet

I have started teaching English to adults beginning with the vocabulary they need at their places of work.

I am teaching in Mexico and my students include waiters and waitresses, fruit stand vendors, bakery store cashiers, English teachers, taxi drivers, gardeners and construction workers, etc.

These are mini lessons based upon what the students need immediately. The most popular lessons are on 5 minute YouTube videos which students can watch or listen to. I called them audio videos because there is no introduction except for the title.

Soon I will start classes which will be on a very informal basis, like a Drop-In center.

I also use my website,, which has proven to be very effective in teaching pronunciation. Below is a report from a director of an adult School in California. Using this technique students will not only feel more comfortable but they will learn faster.

I know that this kind of teaching or learning does not come under the auspices of formal adult education. But it is the kind of program that community centers, libraries, churches and other less formal programs can use readily. 

The irony of my program is that it has become more popular due to Covid, beginning last year. 

Report from a director of an adult ESL program:

"I used Pumarosa as homework assignment material with my (adult) students. Students received a 2 hour per week in-person session and 2 hours of homework assignment per week.                                                            

Our Literacy Program uses CASAS to measure students' performance. It would normally take 1 year for students to improve 1 grade level. In my class students would jump 1 grade level every 3 months."