My role as a LINCS moderator coming to an end

Hello LINCS colleagues,

I want to let you know that I will not be continuing in my role as moderator of the LINCS Integrating Technology and Program Management groups after January 2021. I have enjoyed the opportunity over the past several years to work with extremely talented, knowledgeable and committed LINCS moderators, the staff of MSG, Civic Actions, and more recently Maher and Maher, and AIR. I have especially enjoyed the engaging and important discussions that moderators have launched and supported, and some of the micro-groups that we created that resulted in useful products for LINCS members as part of our broader professional development efforts. I also appreciate more recent LINCS efforts such as informal coffee break webinars. Most of all, I have enjoyed the great participation of LINCS members in our discussions. Some of you have been very thoughtful contributors; your questions, comments, and introduction of new topics has made the LINCS Community of Practice groups work. I want to thank you, and let you know how much I appreciate what I have learned from you. 

This has been a difficult decision for me. I have several other projects, some as a paid contractor, advisor or consultant, and others as a volunteer. They are all of great interest to me, but I find that each has become more demanding, often because of the challenges of the pandemic, so I have had to make some difficult decisions; this is one of them.  For those who may be applying to be moderator of one or both of these two groups, my email is below; if I can, I would be glad to answer your questions.

I will not be quiet in January and hope you will not be either. In the Integrating Technology group, we have two great asynchronous discussions planned that I hope you will participate in. From January 12th - 14th, Anthony Burik will be a guest joining me to discuss how digital tools can help teachers help students to set, monitor, and achieve their learning goals. Anthony offers strategies that make it easier and more effective for teachers to do this.  On January 20th - 22nd, I will be posting information in Integrating Technology about BlendFlex and HyFlex models in post-secondary education that may also be relevant to adult foundational (basic) skills education. I hope you will join us and, especially if you are -- or soon will be -- using a Flex model, that you will contribute to this asynchronous discussion.

I have been a LINCS member since 1994, when LINCS was the inspiration of Jaleh Behroozi Sorui, then at the National Institute for Literacy; I helped in creating LINCS then, and later became one of its first community group moderators. I was delighted to be able to rejoin LINCS as a moderator in early 2015, and I will be pleased to be able to continue to benefit from LINCS, as a member in its many good discussions whether synchronous or asynchronous. I look forward to seeing LINCS grow, and have an even greater impact on the professional development of the adult foundational skills field. I especially look forward to seeing what ideas and energy the new moderator(s) of the Program Management and Integrating Technology groups will bring to the LINCS Community in the coming years.

All the best,

David J. Rosen


Dear David,  We have all become so accustomed to your being there for us - to inspire and guide the Integrating Technology group - and you will be missed.  There are many ways you modeled how to moderate a listserv, but one that I especially appreciated was your openness and encouragement when new ideas were presented.  You asked us to elaborate on them and take them as far as they could go.  I think this mindset helped make this such a vibrant listserv.  Thank you so much for your contribution to LINCS!


Thank you, David, for all that you have done for Adult Ed via LINCS! I have loved learning and working with you! this community is amazing! Great job keeping the discussions rolling! Good luck to you!


Thank you for your time, expertise, and contributions to LINCS throughout the years.  Your commitment to both the staff and students in Adult Education has been invaluable.  You will be missed. Take care and good luck!


Thank you David for all of the helpful feedback you have provided the CivicActions team. There are numerous enhancements to the LINCS Community that can be traced back to issues you logged with the help desk. Good luck to you in all your future projects.

David, I cannot imagine LINCS without you, not only in your role as a moderator for the Integrating Technology and Program Management groups but also in your role as a professional mentor and model for me and others over the years. 

I'm glad to hear that you will continue to share your knowledge and expertise among our communities. You will be missed! Thanks for all you do on behalf of adult learners and service providers! Well, rats! :)))) Leecy

David, are you sure you're allowed to leave LINCS? I thought that was just part of the deal, that you would always be there! It's been so fruitful for me knowing you over these last years and reading your many thoughts, comments and suggestions, even if I didn't have time to respond and contribute. You have modeled the initial concept of the Internet itself as a place to freely share and think through ideas together. Thank you for your consistent attention to technology in adult education, among many other issues, and for connecting people and ideas all over the world. I'm sure the projects you are turning to now will benefit from your experience and wisdom. 


Marian's comment makes me smile and I sign under it. I am fortunate to meet you, David, and work closely with you within IDLL (Illinois Digital Learning Lab). Learning from you as a professional, a team leader and growing my ed tech expertise was my lucky ticket. I know that all the projects you are involved in are fortunate to have you and your wisdom and this fact makes me happy as you continue to bring Adult Ed to a new level. But it is not a "goodbye", it is the continuation of collaboration. I am not going anywhere and looking forward to the discussions in January :-) 




Hello David, There is no doubt that I will miss your many significant contributions to our work as LINCS moderators. Thank you for your years of service and for sharing so many valuable insights with us and with the field. Perhaps most important is the way you raised so many essential questions about the work we do as moderators in an effort to improve what we offer to the field of adult basic education. You always took us deeper and helped us to think about issues in new ways. You’ve had a major impact.

Saying you will be missed as a LINCS moderator is an understatement, but I know we will continue to hear your voice on LINCS. I look forward to that.

Wishing you well in all your many pursuits.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition and Teaching & Learning CoPs

David, your guidance over the years has been spot on, given with perfect pitch, and full of practical advice. There has never been a time when I asked you a question that I didn't feel encouraged afterward by your response. When I first began in 2004 as a program specialist for adult ESOL in Florida, I remember reading your posts that shared important precepts of adult education, especially how it can be used as a tool for helping reduce poverty. Since then, you have been a true lodestar to me personally, and it has been an honor to share your posts with many adult ESOL educators in Florida, from those who work in large urban programs to those in single classrooms in neighborhood centers and farmworker camps. 

Hi David,

I've had the pleasure of getting to know you over the past few years and have especially enjoyed conversations with you during IDEAL Consortium conferences and events.  I wish you the best in all your endeavors and can't wait to hear more about your new projects.  Whether it be in an article, or a conference, or new research project, I know the field will look forward to hearing more from you. 

Take care,

Ginette Chandler