New Blended Learning group forming if there is enough interest. Reply now if you are interested.

Hello LINCS Colleagues,

I have been interested in blended learning in adult basic skills education for some time, and have co-authored the free guide, Blended Learning for the Adult Education Classroom. Last week I did a blended learning presentation and also moderated a panel on blended learning at the ProLiteracy bi-annual national conference in Minnesota. Although interest in blended learning has been growing in our field the past few years, at this conference it was astounding; there was standing room only (until more chairs were found) for the panel presentation, and a very strong showing for my presentation session. I wonder if it is time for an ongoing blended learning micro-community of practice for those in adult basic skills education (ABE, ASE/ESOL/ESL,transition to higher education) who may be teachers, tutors or education program managers.

This is a "probe" to see what the level of interest might be. If you are interested, email me at  I am going to post this only once, but to several LINCS groups. In your email reply, please let me have your name, email address, role in your program, and a short description of what you are interested in learning or sharing if I/we create this micro-group. If I don't hear from enough people, I'll assume that interest, at least on LINCS, is not that great. If I do hear from half a dozen or more people, I'll be in touch to let you know what's next: possibly a LINCS micro-group, or a Google group, maybe along with some real-time video conferences. This will not be a course, or training however, and those who express interest will be expected to participate in the discussion, not just to "lurk" as this will be a community of practice that focuses on peer learning and sharing.

Please let me hear from you now if this interests you. Questions are welcome here on LINCS or in an email message to me.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

Integrating Technology CoP





     I don't understand how the link is a "guide to blended learning."   It seems to me to be an advertisement for a product. 

    The descriptions of that "traditional" classroom with no interaction, aren't like the classrooms I know, thankfully!   

Hi Susan,

Underneath the picture of the laptop computer there is a yellow rectangular button where you can download the actual guide that David referenced. The link does take you to a page that is advertising a product, and the guide can be downloaded from that page. Let us know if you have any questions.



Hello Susan,

To clarify -- for you and others -- the guide, Blended Learning for the Adult Education Classroom, is not a commercial product. The publisher, Essential Education, makes it available to adult educators, and others, for free. If you prefer, however, you can access it this way:  where no information from you is required.

David J. Rosen



I have already heard from several people who are interested in the small blended learning group I proposed, so it will go forward. It is not clear yet, however, if it would be part of LINCS, perhaps as a sub-group of the Integrating Technology CoP, or would be an independent group, for example, a Google group. If you are interested, and would like to join, email me. See the announcement that began this discussion thread for more information, or email me with your questions.

David J. Rosen