New Moderator Introduction - Ashly Winkle

Hello Integrating Technology Community! My name is Ashly Winkle. I am the Technology & Distance Learning Specialist for TCALL @ Texas A&M. I am also a Journeyman 2 Technology Coach who started working in adult education as a volunteer for the Literacy Council of Tyler in Tyler, Texas in 2013. I immediately fell in love with adult education and became an HSE Teacher within a matter of months. There, I taught HSE and ABE classes while also taking on roles of Director of Distance Learning, PD Coordinator, and Trainer. In August of 2020, I started a position with Texas Center For Advancement in Learning (TCALL) where I am heavily involved with Texas AEL Distance Learning, content development, project management, and the Technology Integration Coach program. I am extremely passionate about teaching, training, and integrating technology into adult education instruction. I have an M.S. in Teaching & Learning with a specialization in Teaching Leadership and an M.S. in Business Management with a specialization in Online Education. 

I am honored and excited to follow in David Rosen's footsteps as moderator of the Technology Integration group. I think he and I have both learned so much from each other over the past few years, and we will continue to do so! Please feel free to respond or message me with any suggestions or questions moving forward! I am super excited to get started!


TCALL is so proud of you, Ashly and excited you will be the LINCS Tech Moderator. Watch out, LINCS. This lady will knock your socks off with the knowledge and creative mind she brings to the discussions!

It's fantstic to have you as a LINCS moderator focused on a topic for which you have such vast experience, Ashly! I look forward to learning a lot from you and the other members of the Integrating Technology Community.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquistion CoP

I'm late to the party of welcoming you!  I've learned how to Hyperdoc, GoFormative, and more from you.  I hope to learn so much more!  

I'm excited for you!

Tiffany Lee

Distance Learning, Region 9 ESC, Wichita Falls, TX