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Greetings, Everyone!

I currently teach online college courses. I am interested in using a free, quiz-creation service to create one or more simple quizzes for my college students.

The quizzes I want to develop include a variety of questions, some of which can be answered in many ways. Therefore, I would like to receive quiz results directly, grade each of my students, and send them results later. (My college D2L system does not allow me to create quizzes that are separate from my standard course sections approved by the college.)

Before taking the quiz, I do not wish to ask students to include their emails. I would like them to enter only their names, course number, and section in the quiz they are to take. 

I have researched quiz-creation sites and, to date, I have not found a site that meets all of those requirements. I am waiting for answers on some sites that post contact info. If I find the gem I seek, I will share it here with you as well!

Any ideas are much appreciated! Thanks! Leecy


Hi Leecy,

I wonder if you have considered using Google Forms. It's free. A learner has to have an email address but not necessarily a gmail address. There are many different possible formats to use for questions, ranging from multiple choice to long written responses.You can create a quiz that does not require or display the responder's email, but you will need their email to send them the quiz. The results can be displayed individually, and/or in aggregate. Their replies can be sent to a spreadsheet in which each respondent has a row, and and each question has a column.

Would that meet your needs?


David J. Rosen

Thanks, David. I'll take a second look.

When I checked on using Google to create quizzes, I was sent to  However, when I went to create an account and a first quiz,  the site further specified that I would have to have my school apply to that service. I could not do so on my own.

Now that I took a second look, it seems that I might be able to create quizzes outside of a classroom. I'll return and report. Much obliged. Leecy

Hi again Leecy,

Google used to have something called "Google Sites" in which you could find the free Google Apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Slides and Forms. They have changed "Sites" to "Workspace." To get to Google Forms, go to or 

David J. Rosen



And so have I found out as a firm Google supporter who uses my Gmail account as my main non-pro account. I love exploring and will continue to check out those resources! Leecy 

Hi Leecy, Google Classroom was likely recommended because it has many features that automate the quiz process but it does require a school account and for full functionality the learners would need to have school accounts as well. 

Alternatively, Google still provides Google Forms as David mentioned. As learners submit their answers you get feedback right in your edit form page. Optionally, you can have the results go to a Google sheet which could offer you options of processing that data or creating graphs to share with students. If you wish even more options, the feedback graphics and processing you do with the answers in the Google sheets can be linked over to a Google site so learners can immediately see class level results for discussion and review. All of this is free and the learners don't even need to have a Google specific email to participate. You can set up simple multiple choice questions that auto correct and can even offer feedback to learners on incorrect responses. You can set up essay type questions and if you use the spreadsheet output and hide the columns that don't have the essay questions in them so the class can discuss and review all the responses together. People have also used Forms to create interactive or adaptive experiences for either assessment or learning. 


Ed, between you and David, and adding my research as a "youtuber," I think I have developed the quiz that i need, which is more of an initial Scavenger Hunt of sorts.

I have found that students (1) really appreciate intro/Scavenger Hunts, (2) learn a lot from them, and (3) love earning a few extra points for 90% eventual completion, if so, although the points are few and don't affect grades much if at all! 

If you or others would like to see the quiz that I developed for my course starting next week, go to I won't be grading yet, but will love input! :) Leecy

Hi Leecy. Google Forms is always a good option, but I have a couple of others that you might want to check out:

  • Formative: "a web-based tool that allows teachers to create digital formative assessments, tasks, or assignments that are easily accessible from any electronic device: laptop, tablet, or smartphone."
  • Nearpod: "Nearpod is an interactive classroom tool to engage students by adding interactive activities to your lessons like polls, collaboration boards, and game-based quizzes. Students can interact and submit responses through any mobile device or laptop."
  • Edulastic:" an online assessment making tool for teachers. It allows teachers to make their own assessments and assignments in common standardized test formats or choose from an assessment library." 

Formative I have a lot of experience with, and can even send you some examples if you are interested.