Questions about USTREAM and other free videorecording and streaming software

Technology and Learning colleagues,

I have some questions about video recording and streaming software, for example, USTREAM  This is free software (although there are video ads that, for a small monthly fee, can be removed) that can be used to videorecord and live stream and/or archive an event. For example, using a smartphone video camera, or other digital video camera, you could record a class that you -- or you, your students, and/or supervisor -- could look at later for your own professional development. (If this is of interest, there is a well-established strategy called "micro-teaching" that has benefited many teachers since it was developed at Stanford University in the 1960's.)  You could routinely record all your classes, and host them on your class website for students who want to make up a missed class or who want to see part of a class again. I am sure there must be lots of interesting education uses for this.


1. Have you used USTREAM? If so, how, and how did you like it for education uses?

2. Have you used other software that you think does what USTREAM does, but better? (If so, why is it better?)

3. Do you see other adult education uses for USTREAM or a similar service? If so, what?

I am exploring these questions for myself and for some colleagues who may be interested in using this kind of software for an upcoming conference. I hope some of our California, Kentucky, New York and other video buffs here will weigh in here.


David J. Rosen

Technology and Learning Cop Moderator