The Right EdTech Tool for the Right Activity!

Using technology in any capacity can be challenging, especially in our adult ed classrooms. It is important that we all remember technology should never be used just for the sake of using technology. On that same note, I think it is important to use the right tool for the right activity. For example, let's consider collaboration tools like Padlet, Wakelet, and Jamboard. I love them all, and I have my favorite, of course, but I use all of them based on the needs of my class lesson:

  • Padlet: It's pretty easy to use for both teacher and users and has so many amazing features now! The downside is you are limited to your number of free Padlets. The upside, you can reuse the ones you have. I personally choose Padlet for larger group collaborative activities. It's very nice and orderly and easy to view. Plus, I just learned they have a cool timeline template, I can't wait to check out!
  • Wakelet: I mostly use Wakelet for digital handouts and curation, but there are some amazing collaborative opportunities as well. There is now a column option similar to Padlet, but I really prefer Wakelet for research projects and that sort of thing.
  • Jamboard: It's easy to use and really helps keep student engaged in your lesson, but I prefer it in smaller groups. Also there is A LOT of room for error (students can delete an entire board, the notes tend to end up on top of each other, etc.) I recently tried to use it for a larger group (over 20 people) and it was a little overwhelming and chaotic. In, small groups, however, LOVE IT!

What are some of your favorites? And how do you use the tools for different acitivities?