Social Media Webinar Series: Part 3 - Pinterest

Hi all,

We had our webinar on Pinterest today.  I will share the link to the recording once it is available.  You can see the PowerPoint on Slideshare at this link 

For those of you who participated in the webinar, what are some things you learned or what questions did you come away with?  HAve any of you been using Pinterest for your own personal interests?  Have nay of you collaborated on boards? Does Pinterest seem useful for bookmarking useful website for you students?  Can you suggest some ways to use it with students or colleagues?  





Hi all,

I have uploaded to YouTube a new version of the Pinterest webinar which you can find here

Also, below are comment and my responses to questions that came up in the chat.





1. Can you provide us with the link to the YouTube videos afterwards?
Yes!  I am going to re record the session to make sure the sound is more consistent and then we will post it on YouTube and I will send out the link to you all

2. Can you collect statistics from the things you pin?

With a regular Pinterest account you can see how many people follow your boards and how many people like you r pins  If you want a deeper data set you may want a business account

3. I am thinking of developing a collaborative online collection for sharing links to free Adult Secondary Education videos with teachers. What would be the advantages of using Pinterest?

The benefits of Pinterest over other tools are the ease of use, ease of collaboration, and the huge number of people on Pinterest.  But if everything you want to share is in video format then a playlist on YouTube might be even better--if the videos are on YouTube (but even then you might want a Pinterest board to crosspost from your YouTube playlist)

4. Just a point of interest - I've been clipping on Clipix because it is one step up from Pinterest as you can pin a Word, Excel and/or PDF file to Clipix.  You can even indicate price drops on items.  My clipboards are primarily public so you can check out my boards

5. Boards are listed as you create them.  You can rearrange them afterwrds.

6. For advanced use of Pinterest you can add the “Pin it” button to your browser

7. When do you use Evernote, when do you use Pinterest?

I use Evernote to take notes and save images that I want to access across my devices.  The benefits of the free version of Evernote are the quick syncing across devices and availability of the contents off-line, the challenges are a limited amount of memory per month, limitations to collaboration, and the complexity of the dashboard.  Pinterest requires internet access but it is much easier to collaborate with and is simpler to use