Success in solving a difficult Internet Access problem in a very rural area

Hello Integrating Technology colleagues,

Here's an amazing success story. The Hoh tribe, in Washington state, was beginning to despair that high speed Internet access would never be available for them. As the Vice Chairman of the tribe put it, for eight years they felt  like they were "paddling upriver with only a spoon, and getting nowhere with providing Internet to the reservation" Then, suddenly, they were "catapulted into the twenty first century." Take two and a half minutes to see the video about this welcome change.

If your students live in a rural area where broadband is not available, could this be a solution for them and their community?

What other Internet access solutions are taking place in your community, town, city or state? How has federal CARES act money, perhaps matched by state or local funding, brought Internet access solutions to your urban or rural community, and to your adult learners?

(Note, I learned about this success from a post in the National Digital Inclusion Alliance Google group today and, in case you missed it, this is National Digital Inclusion Week.)

David J. Rosen,. Moderator

LINCS CoP, Integrating Technology group



Thanks Jill for providing links to the slides and document developed by Anthony Burik. Anthony and his OTAN colleagues are technology integration leaders in California and nationally in our field. I am planning to have Anthony as a guest here, I hope early in 2021, to talk about how teachers can help students develop and monitor their education goals.

Jill, what were a few of the key takeaways for you from Anthony's materials that you posted? What did you learn, or what made you curious about learning more? What questions do you still have?

Everyone, what have you found helpful in addressing digital equity and digital inclusion for your students and for members of the community in which you live or teach? Have you had a success such as that in rural Washington state, that began this discussion, or an urban success that you can tell us about?

David J. Rosen, Moderatior

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group