Survey questionnaire for adult learners about transitioning online during the pandemic

Hello Integrating Technology teachers,

I am developing a short survey questionnaire using a Google Form for adult learners about their experience transitioning online during the pandemic. If you would like to be a collaborator in developing the survey questionnaire and/or are interested in trying out this survey with your students, please email me. I am hoping that once it's in final form adult basic skills teachers (including ESL/ESOL, and ABE through ASE teachers/instructors) will ask their students to complete it anonymously. This will not be a scientific survey, but might give us all some idea of what adult learners are experiencing.

The survey will be developed with a Creative Commons license that will allow adult basic skills teachers to modify it and give the modified version just to their students, with results available just to the teacher who develops the modified survey.

Please email me if you are interested in helping to develop the survey, and/or to "beta test" it with your students.

David J. Rosen