Two "not-to-miss" upcoming discussions in Integrating Technology

Hello Integrating Technology Colleagues,

We have two great asynchronous discussions planned for January that I hope you will participate in.

Using Technology to help learners set, monitor and achieve learning goals

From January 12th - 14th, Anthony Burik will be a guest joining me to discuss how digital tools can help teachers help students to set, monitor, and achieve their learning goals. Anthony offers strategies that make it easier and more effective for teachers to do this.   Anthony is a Project Specialist with the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN), a California state leadership project that focuses on assisting adult education staff with integrating technology into instructional practices. He provides online and face-to-face training at sites and conferences across the state. He also assists with managing digital content and digital communications for OTAN. Prior to joining OTAN, Anthony Burik was the ESL and Citizenship Coordinator for an adult education program in the San Francisco Bay Area. He previously worked as an ESL teacher, Distance Learning teacher, EL Civics Project Leader, and GED test administrator, managing the GED testing center and helping open the agency’s PearsonVUE test center. Finally, Anthony has been active in CATESOL, a statewide professional development association for ESL K–adult professionals, at the local and state levels. He currently serves on its Board of Directors as President-Elect; his two-year term as President will begin in October 2021.

Flex Learning: BlendFlex and HyFlex

On January 20th - 22nd, I will be posting information in Integrating Technology about BlendFlex and HyFlex models in post-secondary education that may also be relevant to adult foundational (basic) skills education. I hope you will join us and, especially if you are -- or soon will be -- using a Flex model, that you will contribute to this asynchronous discussion.


Be thinking of your questions for Anthony on how to help students set, monitor, and achieve their learning goals, and for me – and others who may join us -- about Flex learning.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS Community Integrating technology group