VR/AR in ABE and ELL

Hello, All! I have started to look for research for VR and/or AR being used in ABE and ELL programs. I have found one paper. Anyone know of research/white papers, articles... anything!?



Hello Stacy,

As it turns out, there has been discussion about the use of AI, VR and AR in adult foundational (basic) skills education here on LINCS. If you use the LINCS Search feature you will see that there have been several short discussions and one lengthy panel discussion in the Integrating Technology group. Here are some of the links from the LINCS search:

In addition, VR has been used by at least two adult education (including ESL) instructors in the Illinois Digital Learning Lab. You might do a LINCS search for the week-long panel discussion about the IDLL here in Integrating Technology to learn more about that.

Could you please post a link to the paper you mentioned in your post? Thanks.

David J. Rosen


Thank you so much! I knew this had to all be here and completely forgot about the IDLL. Think I even read most of those.... 

The paper I found was old and not really useful, more about the tech and if multi-user is doable (?). https://www.scitepress.org/papers/2011/33058/33058.pdf

ALL of the links in those discussions are so much better.

Also, Stacy, I wrote these articles for Language Magazine on using AR/VR for ELL. 

Applying Task-Based Learning to Extended Reality

Taking Teaching beyond the Classroom


Hi Stacey, 

I was pointed in this direction and thought I might be able to offer some insight into VR for English language in adult education and beyond. 


First, I wrote this white paper last year, which was a fairly comprehensive literature review of VR, how it is used in the field, what that means for language learning, and how this can be used to create VR learning applications. You can find that paper here: https://hubs.ly/H0FjPZj0

Second, there is a group of ELT teachers on LinkedIn that is currently working to share resources and research, which you may find of use here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14005404/

Currently lots of resources being shared for VR in the group, so that may be of use. 

Here are some examples of the resources in the linkedin group: 



Additionally, You may find the following papers useful: 

Let me know if you have questions, I love to talk endlessly about VR and ELL!





Hi Stacy. We will have some events coming up covering VR as well. Our Career Pathways group will be discussing VR in January and Sara Davila will be discussing VR in our group in February!