What interactive tools are you using?

Today, Tiffany Lee showed us how she turned a Teaching Skills That Matters (TSTM) lesson plan into an interactive remote lesson using Nearpod. Nearpod is an amazing tool that allows you to add elements and keep your students engaged throughout the lesson. With a simple code, students are able to interact with your instruction; thus, allowing you to gauge knowledge and assess understanding throughout your lesson. If you haven't checked it out, please take a look at Tiffany's Wakelet!

  • Have you used Nearpod in your face to face and/or remote lessons?
  • Have you used any other interactive tools that you love?



Have you checked out the amazing digital literacy lesson plans in the Teaching Skills That Matter (TSTM) Toolkit? If you haven't, I would recommend checking out the Social Media Lesson Plan!

Targeting the specific ISTE standards, Empowered Learner, creative Communicator, Knowledge Constructor, the lesson teaches students communication, critical thinking, interpersonal, problem solving, respecting differences and diversity, and self-awareness skills. All of which are important 21st century skills.

More specifically, the lesson is broken into student stations and includes the following steps and activities:

  1. Students draw concept maps showing their social media experiences.
  2. Students login in to social media where they are prompted to join a private group.
  3. Here, students share their maps with explanations.
  4. Here students are directed to certain stations based on their social media comfort level where they are given questions to answer on a graphic organizer.
  5. The teacher then has the students discuss how social media is used by people to express and understand themselves. 
  6. Finally students complete an exit ticket discussing things they learned or questioned about the lesson.

It is a simple, but effective digital literacy lesson that likely won't take more than an hour and half or so to complete. 

  • Have you tried any of the TSTM lessons?
  • How do you teach digital literacy in your class?