Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads

There is an interesting article in the Atlantic from August 5 on the move for some k-12 shools from iPads to chromebooks (what is this?).  There is some hype in the article and the comments made by readers at the end of the article show a big divide between people who feel technology and education has not been studied enough and those who are more embracing of tech.  Are the arguments similar for technology and education for adults?  

One of the arguments made in the article is that children see the iPad as a tool for playing but the Chromebook (or any laptop) as a tool for learning which is why some schools are moving away from iPads.  I do see the value in Chromebooks and laptops but I would argue that iPads are a tool and it's what students and teachers do with them that  makes them a learning tool or not.

Another argument made in favor of moving from iPads to Chromebooks is the ease of managing the latter from an IT standpoint.  We have a set of 20 iPads where I work and updating apps on them all and wiping out any accounts users have left open is time consuming, so I am intrigued by the use of Chromebooks from that standpoint.

Read the article and share any response you have

Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads