Live Session: Using Text Messaging to Support Adult Basic Education Learners’ Success: Findings from the Technology-Based Coaching in Adult Education Project


Have you considered how text messaging can support adult learners’ participation and progress in adult education programs? Join Judith Alamprese from Abt Associates to learn about the findings from the OCTAE-funded Technology-Based Coaching in Adult Education (TBCAE) Project concerning strategies for using customized text messaging to promote learners’ success.    

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With all due respect......

This is why there is never enough money for education. This study was grant funded, spread over 4 states and 7 groups of schools/students. The study was done to determine if students responded positively to a text message/technology message that positively impacted them on their path to a GED.



You need a grant funded study to determine that a student who receives a "you can do this!" would not continue on their journey to the best of their ability?????


There were over 70 people in the Zoom and no one else comments?




.... when I'm at some Zoom meetings, it seems people are online getting some kind of Professional Development credit and ... are doing something else.  So -- the text messages didn't keep 'em on board?