Using Infographics to Communicate Learning



More than ever, information is being delivered in visual terms. Infographics can attract or scare consumers, express complicated concepts, or grab the 21st century students’ brains that are image-responsive. Come to this coffee break to learn how to bring alive the media literacy critical thinking skills that are also needed to understand infographics. You will walk away ready to develop your own infographics.

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 3:30pm ET (live session)

Presenter: Lizelena Iglesias, LINCS Science Group Moderator and Ashley Wrinkle LINCS Integrating Technology Group Moderator

Click here to register:  Using Infographics to Communicate Learning.


This looks really interesting! I try to provide an infographic version for certain concepts that I cover in my ESL class. I've also provided it as an option for how students can show their understanding of a topic, in addition to some of the more common ways like prose or speeches. 

However, I will admit that I am still a novice in creating them. I've registered and can't wait to hear how others are using infographics. 

I'm a novice at creating them too, Erin.  I discovered them as an assessment of learning during Spring term when I took classes with an instructor who asked us to create summarizing infographics for a specific number of units within the course.  They were an interesting challenge for me.  I appreciated the amount of clarity required to communicate all the necessary info in a limited space.